PAHUA PAHUA PAHUA! THE STARS! THE STARS PAHUA!!! THEY ARE IN POSITION!!! I THINK IT'S TIME WE FIND THE CITY OF GOLD, THEN TAKE THE GOLD AND THEN BUY SPAIN and then expel all the Spanish from Spain so we can have our own land where we can live and blog without no one annoying us. ANYWAY WHAT WAS I SAYING, PAHUA, I THINK IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY, I FEEL IT IN MY BELLY! FELIZ COMPLEAÑOOO I LOVE YOU! <333 (oyyyyyy Pauliiinaaa -te quieeerooo- oyyyyy ok I'm going bye have a nice day)

Thanks Isaaaa!!!! You already got a reply for this earlier :p


Yo te quiero tambien!!!

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